always play with your food

Happy Frog Salad

This tasty face was sent to me by a friend for my birthday. I loved the the story so I am including it here. Thanks for the pic! 

So I went out a while back and received absolutely manic service. Our waiter was constantly out of breath, constantly asking if he could get us anything else. Constantly as in once a minute. Constantly. I ordered a salad and another manic server came over and asked what I wanted on it and said he’d assemble it for me, and then he and our server started bickering about making salads and to my absolute delight this is what was brought to me. Our server called salad man retarded and salad man was like, “Look at her! She loves it! YOU’RE retarded” and they kept saying “No, you’re retarded!” back and forth, table-side for an extended time. That is the story of happy frog salad. A sophisticated salad for a sophisticated lady!